Fortuitous Group Pty. Ltd.

/fɔːˈtjuːɪtəs/ - happening by a lucky chance; fortunate.

Our Industry

Our Industry

The Fortuitous Group was formed to recognize the founding members entrepreneurial spirit and reflect their best work in industry spanning a fifteen-year period.

Fortuitous meaning ‘happening by chance rather than intention’ is how the group met and today combining hard work, smart planning and intelligent marketing is what sets them apart.

Our goals and ambitions focus on technology and innovation for Forestry, Freight, Logistics, Media and Manufacturing sectors. We have worked with Government, Corporations, Private business as well as SME’s.

Our background deeply entrenched in the grass roots of Industry has enabled us to get our hands dirty and discover problems, on a proactive basis rather than a reactive one.

We are real people, providing real solutions for exceptional business.

Our Values

Our Values


Be the very best at the technologies we offer.


Create cutting edge technology & be first to market.


Be friendly to the environment we all live in.


Care about our clients, staff and the work we do.

Our Directors


Julian Cassin, Nick Reynish & Francis Weston


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